THIS week's Community Column is written by Conservative West of Scotland MSP, and Helensburgh resident, Maurice Corry.

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I DON’T think there is anyone who would expect the roll out of a completely new system to go flawlessly, and everyone concedes there have been some issues with the introduction of Universal Credit and other welfare reforms.

However, overall it has been a positive change. I have spoken with many constituents who have changed over – one in particular who was on it earlier, having moved from Inverness where it was rolled out earlier, and their experience was superb.

It gives greater control and understanding to the recipient: they can ask for an advance if they require, and get paid everything they’re entitled to in one.

It astounds me when the SNP complain and blame Westminster, yet they keep pushing back the time to take control of welfare, which should be devolved to the Scottish Parliament and under their control.

As we know from health, education, police and transport, they fail and leave us Scots worse off.

Since the SNP have been in power in Holyrood, public services have declined. So it’s no wonder they don’t want responsibility of another public service. It’s far better to blame than take control and proven to fail again. After all, grievance politics is what the SNP are best at doing.

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It has come to light that the proposed cycle route between Helensburgh and Dumbarton may require compulsory purchase orders to complete. This could cost the tax payer a huge amount of money.

Having had experience with cycle routes in Argyll and Bute when I was a councillor, and seeing millions being spent to provide safe cycle paths, only for many cyclists not to use them, I would express caution before continuing with this idea.

Or perhaps it’s time to introduce local byelaws requiring cyclists to use cycle paths where they are provided, to ensure the safety of all road users.

As much as I agree that a safe cycle path is developed to encourage the health and environment benefits of cycling, we must ensure public funds are spent wisely.