POLICE are encouraging Helensburgh residents to continue reporting misbehaviour at the town’s Hermitage Park after a number of incidents in recent weeks.

Officers say several calls have been received recently regarding groups of youths causing annoyance and damaging property within the park, which is undergoing a redevelopment project.

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Work is due to be completed later this year, but those in charge of the refurbishment have grown increasingly frustrated at attempts to spoil the good progress being made.

The Advertiser reported last week that vandals had struck again, allegedly destroying a new bin worth £800 and ripping fencing out of the ground.

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Meanwhile, a memorial tree worth £500 was apparently stolen from the park in February, sparking renewed calls from the volunteer group Friends of Hermitage Park for public support to help fund the installation of CCTV cameras within the new premises.

Visitors to the park who witness any such incidents are asked to report them to Helensburgh police by calling 101.