OUR latest archive article looks back on expansion plans proposed for Faslane Naval base in 2004.


SAILORS at Faslane are set to stay in ‘the biggest and best military accommodation in Britain’, according to the Ministry of Defence.

And it says the £125 million hotel-style ‘super mess’, which is due for completion in 2008, will bring spin-offs for the Helensburgh community.

Sailors at the base have previously complained of being treated like ‘caged hamsters’ in poor living conditions.

Figures released last year showed falling numbers of people willing to remain in the navy, and MoD officials believe the standard of living quarters is a big factor in retaining staff.

The massive new development will become the only military establishment in the UK where all living quarters will be en suite.

There will be 1,754 separate living quarters, and there will be various facilities including Internet access, a bowling alley and a coffee shop.

Naval base commander, Commodore John Borley said: “The men and women in the Royal Navy deserve decent living accommodation and facilities.

“This project will at long last provide them with modern ‘homes’ to live in.

“In this day and age everyone should have some privacy and the new en suite design will make Faslane a more attractive place for naval personnel to be based.”