A HELENSBURGH business has donated more than £2,000 to help pay for a cancer patient’s potentially life-saving treatment.

Black Sails Tattoo Studio held a walk-in day on Sunday, April 14, to raise funds for Haley Myles, who was diagnosed with cervical cancer last September, just six moths after giving birth to a baby girl.

Haley, who is from the east end of Glasgow but lives in South Lanarkshire, has been battling illness since she was just 13, when she was diagnosed with endometriosis.

When the pain became insufferable she opted to have an operation which cost her and her family £15,000, taking a part of Haley’s womb and, possibly, her chance of becoming a mum.

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But after the birth of miracle baby Ava last year, Haley and fiancé Ryan were overjoyed to finally have the family they thought they would never have and Haley’s health was looking up – until the cancer diagnosis in September.

Despite undergoing chemotherapy, the 26-year-old was told in February the cancer had spread to her bowel and is now at stage four, leaving her needing specialist treatment not funded by the NHS.

To help Haley, Leanne Sinclair, the owner of Black Sails, which has organised a charity fund-raiser each year since the studio opened in 2016, decided to contribute to the £50,000 target of the young mum’s treatment.

She said: “One of our artists, Teegan, went to school with Haley and asked if we could hold our fundraiser in aid of her this year. We couldn’t think of a better cause, especially with the emphasis just now on how important it is for women to go for their smear tests.

“Haley is a young Glasgow girl with all the potential in the world and with a young baby who needs her mum.”

After a busy day tattooing 43 people and selling almost 350 raffle tickets, a fantastic total of £2,034 was raised, bringing the crowdfunding goal more than halfway towards completion.

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Leanne added: “It was myself, Teegan and her partner Jordan doing the tattooing and the aim was to get through as many people as possible. My husband Lee was also at the studio and he kept us organised throughout the day.

“The queue was around the block when we opened the doors at 10am and we didn’t finish tattooing until 6pm. It was a great day. We even had passers-by who nipped in and donated money.

“We also covered the five per cent fee for Just Giving which has bumped the total up.”

Leanne thanked everyone who turned out to support the cause on the day and appealed for further donations to boost the total, which stands at just under £30,000.

You can donate to Haley’s appeal by visiting justgiving.com/crowdfunding/haleys-treatment.