ONE of the world’s leading environmental scientists will visit Helensburgh next month to give a talk as part of a tour of Scotland.

Dr Arthur Dahl will host an open discussion at the Helensburgh and Lomond Civic Centre on Saturday, May 25, at 2pm.

His talk in Helensburgh will come just four days after he addresses MSPs at Holyrood, and forms part of a busy tour of Scotland in which he will speak as far afield as Shetland, Skye, Stirling and Dumfries.

Dr Dahl is visiting Scotland in the hope of leading discussions on pressing issues facing humanity, including balancing economic and environmental challenges and the role of spirituality in tackling them.

A retired senior UN environmental official and winner of the 2018 New Shape Prize from the Global Challenges Foundation, Dr Dahl is a specialist on oceans and coastal areas, coral reefs, island environmental management, climate change, biodiversity, and complex systems.

He has lived and worked for many years in the Pacific Islands, Africa and Europe. He is also a member of the Baha’i faith, which is helping to facilitate his tour of Scotland.

He said: “Technology has reduced our world to a neighbourhood, but we’re still trying to manage it with institutions and values from an earlier age. Environmental challenges threaten our future sustainability while social problems are fracturing our societies.

“Economic globalisation has exploited the poor while allowing the rich to escape from national regulations and responsibilities.

“We expect responsible government at the national level but refuse to create the same responsible governance under law for global problems, including peace and security.

“Continuing business as usual will end in catastrophe of one form or another. A fundamental transformation is needed in our society. This can only be achieved if we make our lifestyles more sustainable, and also transform our values.

“The lack of spirituality is behind the rising frustration, fear, hate, rejection and division. We need to counter the forces of disintegration with stronger forces of integration, of solidarity and unity, starting with ourselves, our families, and in our own communities.”