ORGANISERS at a mental health and wellbeing hub in Helensburgh are holding an open day next week in an effort to encourage more people who may be struggling to seek support.

Jean’s Bothy, which officially opened in October last year, will host the event on Friday, April 26 to launch their volunteer-led café.

The community hub in East King Street offers a number of activities and sessions to help the management of mental health issues and advice and guidance is also given out to those who believe they could benefit from improved mental health and wellbeing.

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Melissa Fisher, a mental health social work assistant, said it is a positive addition to the services on offer in the area but wants to see more people making use of the facility.

She said: “We want it to be community wide, it’s all about peer support.

“The services currently on offer do put a lot of people off and we still do have things like one-on-one sessions and assessments, but that’s not what Jean’s Bothy is.

“We need the people. Anybody who is suffering, just pop in.

“We’ll ask for a donation on the day but other than that you can just be here until you feel comfortable enough to join in. Carers can get involved as well.

“We are here and open, we just need to get the word out.”

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The new service is user-led and Melissa hopes more members join up and support the initiative.

She added: “There is still that stigma attached to mental health and speaking about it.

“A lot of people wake up in the morning and just don’t feel themselves and we want them to come here for a chill and a chat.

“We just need more people in the door. People know about it, but we want the community to get involved.”

Everyone is welcome to attend the open day which will run from 12pm till 2pm.

Members will also bid a fond farewell to development manager Jack Carr, who is moving on to another project.