A DAY-TRIPPER had more than £400 stolen from her purse while she was visiting Helensburgh with her disabled daughter.

Pauline Omaley, 49, from Knightswood, reported that her purse – which contained family photos of great sentimental value, as well as the cash - was missing on Friday morning, April 19, after she had left Callaghan's butchers on Sinclair Street.

She said she had noticed someone behind her “nudge me a few times, but I just left and didn’t think anything about it”.

Pauline added that it wasn’t until she went into another store across the road when she realised her belongings were gone.

A social media appeal was issued shortly after midday on Friday, with Pauline desperate to get the purse back, and most importantly the pictures of daughter Demi, 20.

Police confirmed this week that the purse was found on a shelf in the Tesco supermarket on the same street with no money in it but all other items still within.

Pauline said: "I got some of the pictures back but I think when they went through it after they found it some of them fell out.

"I'm happy that I got it back and have the pictures again, but obviously really disappointed that it happened in the first place."

An enquiry is ongoing with CCTV from the shop and the suspect, who is alleged to have stolen £420 in cash, is described only as six-foot-tall with ginger hair.

Anyone with any information should contact Helensburgh police station on 101.