Today's tale from the Advertiser's archives was first published 10 years ago this week – and tells the story of a bid to create a 'JLB Sandwich' for Helensburgh to rival the world-famous BLT.

Here's how we reported on the competition – which was, after all, just a piece of fun (Too many puns. You're fired – Ed) – in the Advertiser on May 7, 2009...

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IT could be the best thing since sliced bread ... and it could challenge the world famous BLT.

What is it? Its the JLB - the John Logie Baird sandwich and the search is on for the recipe which will put Helensburgh on the worldwide sandwich map and create an iconic feast for visitors and Burgh folk to enjoy.

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As part of Helensburgh’s Homecoming celebrations a competition has been launched to find the best recipe for a sandwich which will challenge the world famous BLT, the bacon, lettuce and tomato snack that is known all the world over.

Designed to be a rather unusual tribute to the Burgh’s most famous son John Logie Baird, the inventor of television, the JLB recipe does not have to include ingredients starting with those initials but it does have to be fresh, fascinating and fabulous.

The choice of bread is up to the potential designers, as are the ingredients – and there is no age restriction on entries.

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The original idea came from Burgh man Jim Chestnut who is the webmaster for the Friends of the Victoria Hall who are hosting the Homecoming Celebrations.

The winning JLB sandwich will also be placed on the Logie Baird menu and as well as becoming famous overnight, the winner will receive a suitably engraved trophy!