TEN years ago Helensburgh welcomed home its military heroes with a parade in the town.

Here's how we covered the story on May 14, 2009...


THEY clapped and they cheered, and tears aplenty were shed, when Helensburgh paid tribute to its heroes of Afghanistan on Sunday.

The team who brought Songs for Aedan to a successful conclusion at Christmas, worked tirelessly to put together a day to remember for some of the town’s soldiers back from the front line and for their friends and family who wanted to celebrate having them back safe and well.

June McMurdo, a soldier’s mum, and town man Tommy Sharkey led the organisation team and saw to it that everything went without a hitch and with full honour.

The little band of soldiers, some of whom had travelled to join their Helensburgh brothers-in-arms, marched proudly up Sinclair Street, led by the HMS Neptune Volunteer Band.

They were joined with pride by civic figures, members of the British Legion and veterans of other wars, other conflicts and other branches of the armed services.

When the parade arrived at the Victoria halls the pipes and drums of Helensburgh Pipe Band greeted them and then led the soldiers into the hall where hundreds of their friends and family were already waiting to cheer them in.