A DELIVERY driver has admitted being at the wheel, uninsured, transporting takeaway food to customers in Helensburgh, while unfit through drink or drugs.

Colin Smith was stopped by police after he got out of his car to make a delivery in the town in December.

But the court heard that concerns over the 40-year-old’s condition were first noticed by a member of the public before Smith drove from his home in Alexandria to start work.

Smith admitted three charges arising out of the incident, which happened on December 13, when he appeared at Dumbarton Sheriff Court on May 9.

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He pleaded guilty to driving while unfit through drink or drugs in West King Street in Helensburgh, driving without insurance, and being in possession of a small quantity of heroin.

Emma Thomson, prosecuting, told the court: “At around ten past five in the evening, a witness parked her motor vehicle in McColl Avenue [in Alexandria], and noticed the accused slurring his words; his eyes were glazed and he was unsteady on his feet, though there was no smell of alcohol.

“The accused used a nearby fence to prop himself up before entering the driver’s seat of a blue Renault Clio.

"He started the vehicle and tried to turn in the road without turning on the lights, even though it was during the hours of darkness.

“He appeared to lose control of his vehicle, which was later captured on dash cam footage by other motorists.”

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Ms Thomson said police then spotted the vehicle on West King Street in Helensburgh at 6.16pm, and saw the driver – Smith – get out and make a delivery.

“He identified himself to police, stating he was carrying out food deliveries for the Curry Club [in Old Luss Road].

“A specimen of breath was negative, but police noticed his eyes were glazed, his pupils were dilated, he was unsteady on his feet and he was slurring his speech.

“He was struggling to remain standing and showed clear signs of impairment.”

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Smith, of McGregor Walk in Alexandria, was detained for a search, during which police recovered a small wrap containing a brown powder from his trouser pocket.

He was arrested a short time later and taken to Clydebank police station for an interview, though during the journey he repeatedly slumped over and fell asleep despite officers’ attempts to keep him awake.

Police then took Smith to hospital, where a casualty surgeon confirmed his condition was the result of drug use.

Sheriff Maxwell Hendry told Smith: “I want to know more about you, your circumstances, and your background.

“I’m concerned when I hear what has been said about your condition, ostensibly while you were working as a delivery driver.”

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Sentence was deferred until next month for background reports; Smith was handed an immediate interim driving ban.