Students in Helensburgh who are feeling stressed out by the pressure to succeed at university are being warned to stay off booze.

The advice follows the findings of a UK-wide survey which showed that eight in 10 students had struggled with mental health.

Students Beans, the company behind the research, says turning to alcohol is likely to make the situation worse.

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It says: "Although drowning your sorrows may seem like a good idea initially, alcohol – and drugs – can be incredibly damaging to your mental health long-term.

"If you find yourself feeling really low, do avoid drinking to excess – or drinking at all! – and instead hang out with your friends sober.

"You’ll find the experience far more rewarding."

The organisation says alternatives to drink could be switching off digitally, reading more, exercising and even meditation.

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Michael Eder, founder of Student Beans, said: “It’s normal to have down days at university, but when it takes over your life completely and you find yourself losing motivation, then it’s time to put yourself first.

"Whether it’s taking small walks or meditating a few times week, ensure you are making time for yourself.

"The stress of university can take a huge toll on a young person’s mental health; we need to encourage them to be open about their struggles and let them know they are not alone.”

The research showed that two fifths of students who have struggled with issues relating to mental health have considered dropping off their course altogether.

A third who were waiting to see a mental health professional have ended up cancelling their appointment due to the length of time or anxiety associated with the wait.