HELENSBURGH Golf Club has issued an open invitation to the town’s young people to get involved in the sport - as it continues to be the target of mindless vandalism.

The appeal was launched this week after the club was once again hit by vandals on Sunday night.

Three youths were allegedly spotted removing a satellite dish from the building, just days after security had been updated at the site.

The latest incident comes after three historic medals dating back to the 19th century were stolen in an alleged break-in in February.

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In a social media post on Tuesday, the club said: “Following six months of targeted crime and vandalism at our club we have upgraded our security at the cost of approximately five memberships.

“On Sunday night we suffered from more mindless vandalism at further cost, but this time we have HD quality footage of the three youths who carried it out and they too have footage as they recorded the whole thing on their own phones.

“To those people involved in nurturing these young people whether parents, schools or social services, bring them along to the club and we will introduce them to a sport to utilise their time in a socially acceptable manner.

“We are happy to spend time with them to coach them and all we want in return is respect for our premises, our sport and our membership.”

Several golf clubs across the country have been targeted by thieves in recent months and Joyce Burnett, Helensburgh general manager, says she hopes a constructive approach to tackling the crime spree can prove beneficial for all parties in the long run.

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She said: “We have just had six months of regular nuisance by youths in the town and we actually made the decision to upgrade our security following the recent break-in, so it has been in place since last Thursday. But even after doing that it still hasn’t deterred the youths.

“Every time there’s an incident we contact the police, but it’s just getting quite frustrating now.

“We are more than happy for them to come here, there are plenty of options for them.

“It’s an open invitation. None have taken it up as yet but we would rather they had something to do and somewhere to go.

“We have a very active junior section within the club so it’s open to any young people who want to come along.

“The club is set up for all members, young and old, so the opportunity is there.”