HELENSBURGH’S community council is inviting residents of – and visitors to – the town to send in photographs summing up what they think makes the town such a special place.

The appeal for images forms part of the community council’s work on creating a ‘Vision for Helensburgh’ which it hopes will identify what the community wants, and needs, in the future, in order to help shape the development of the town.

Helensburgh Community Council (HCC) plans to spend the next few months seeking the views of local residents, businesses, community groups and visitors through a series of online and paper-based surveys.

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The study is in addition to the recent ‘Making Places’ project, commissioned by Argyll and Bute Council and carried out by Ice Cream Architecture, which concluded in April.

Norman McNally from HCC said: “Almost everyone has a smartphone, a camera or a tablet. We invite you – residents and visitors – to take photos of our community and send them in.

“Look around, spend some time to snap your impressions – just what you see and experience in Helensburgh, its immediate environment and what makes it special.

“Your snapshots of the town and surroundings will add up to a rich record of Helensburgh’s community and setting that will accompany the emerging proposals from Vision for Helensburgh at a public event in the autumn.”

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Images must be digital (and preferably in .JPG format), but can be taken on cameras, tablets or smartphones, and you can submit a maximum of eight pictures.

You can email your entries to visionforhelensburgh@gmail.com.