IT'S almost 15 years to the day since Helensburgh welcomed royalty to the town, in the form of Prince Andrew.

Here's how reported the news back in 2004...


RESIDENTS turned out in force to welcome a royal visitor to Helensburgh this week.

Prince Andrew popped in to look at the plans for improvements at Faslane including the preparations for the arrival of Astute submarines and changes to the base’s living accommodation.

Afterwards, he headed up to the Hive at Churchill Square where he spent around 45 minutes looking round and chatting with navy families.

Hazel Burling-Brown, whose partner Alan is a submarine service operations officer, said: “He was nice, very approachable and very chatty.

“He asked about what boats our partners were on, how long they’d been away and when they were expected back.

"He was more pleasant than I expected him to be, though he’s probably well versed in chatting to people.”

On the way out, the Duke of York was greeted by schoolchildren from John Logie Baird primary who told him they were going to York in the summer.

One pupil said: “I asked him ‘will you come and visit us’ and he said ‘that might be quite difficult.”