For today's Archive Hour story we're winding back the clock 10 years to our coverage of Helensburgh's Slimming World 'man of the year'.

Here's how we reported on Kevin Gresham's achievement in the Advertiser on June 4, 2009...

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SUPER Slimmer Kevin Gresham celebrated recently after scooping Slimming World’s Man of the Year title for Helensburgh.

The 32-year-old lost an amazing eight stones in 46 weeks.

Kevin, who attends the Slimming World Group in Masonic Hall, says he is ‘over the moon’ with his award and describes his weight loss as a ‘life changing’ experience.

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From being big and lethargic, to going to the gym, swimming and walking, the best thing about his success for Kevin is that he has been taken off a host of prescription medication that he had been forced to take before his weight loss.

Kevin decided to take the bull by the horns last year to attend Slimming World as a last resort before thinking of surgery and it was the best step he ever made.

Kevin said: “Finding a group where I felt so comfortable from the first time I walked in the door and this amazing eating plan where I could choose what I want to eat from all the amazing free foods was just brilliant.

“Every week I look forward to going to the group as the support and motivation you get really inspires you and it’s great fun.

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“The biggest thrill of all for me is I am now able to go into normal shops and buy clothes instead of having to order huge clothes from the internet.

"I’ve gone down from a 54 waist to a 36 waist and am still losing.

“Being able to buy a football shirt for the first time was also a thrill for me but best of all not having to take any medication at all was a life changing experience and I feel like a new person.”