THE landlord of the last pub in Helensburgh with a 2am weekend licence says he would support any move to give a rival business its late opening hours back.

John Rapallini, of the Clyde Bar, was speaking as the operators of the nearby Logie Baird announced news of an appeal against restrictions on their late licence.

Cara and Milan Nikolic said this week that they had decided to close down the Logie Baird because of a downturn in business after the board imposed a 1am closing time, instead of 2am, at weekends, along with an 11pm curfew on Friday and Saturday nights.

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The restrictions on the Logie Baird's opening hours were imposed for a six-month period in April, after police raised concerns about disorder in the vicinity of the James Street pub.

Mr and Mrs Nikolic's request for a review will go before the Argyll and Bute licensing board at a meeting in Lochgilphead on June 25.

Mr Rapallini said he had considered voluntarily closing earlier than 2am at weekends because of the effect of the Logie Baird's restrictions on business at the Clyde, but was worried about the consequences of any such move on the Helensburgh economy.

"Being the only pub in town with a late licence has been hard work for us," Mr Rapallini told the Advertiser.

"We’ve had to increase security and move our pool tables away late at night for health and safety reasons because of the sheer volume of people coming in.

“Our maximum capacity was 180 people, and I think the Logie Baird’s was 350, so the arithmetic speaks for itself.”

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Asked whether he would consider voluntarily giving up the Clyde’s 2am weekend licence, Mr Rapallini said: “The idea has crossed my mind, but what would the impact be on Helensburgh?

"I think a lot more people would just go elsewhere.

“I’m just waiting to see what happens with the Logie Baird for now, but I would certainly support them getting their late licence back.”

Meanwhile, a civil action has been raised at Dunoon Sheriff Court – the Argyll and Bute licensing board's local court – listing Kemble Estates Ltd of London, the Logie Baird’s landlords, as pursuers and the licensing board as defenders.

The case first called on Monday, June 17, but is expected to be heard in more detail by a sheriff in early July.

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Mrs Nikolic told the Advertiser the downturn in business at the Logie Baird since the new licence restrictions were import in April had left them with no option but to close the doors – but said they hoped to reopen if the licensing board performs a U-turn at its meeting on Tuesday.

She said: "We kept open as long as we could to keep good people in jobs but we can’t sustain the losses any longer.

"People affected told us they wanted to write letters of support to the board for the restrictions to be lifted, and I really hope they do.

"This is a decisive meeting for our staff, the town and the future of this iconic C-listed building.

"We very much hope this can be resolved next Tuesday and we can reopen Logie's as soon as possible.”