Columnist Ruth Wishart reacts to the Ministry of Defence's request to have a long stretch of the A814 completely closed to allow the Royal Navy's biggest ships to load munitions...

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The Ministry of Defence, whose myriad properties already sprawl all over our green and pleasant land, now has a fancy for taking over our roads.

They put in a bid to close the Finnart-Arrochar stretch of road when vessels are being supplied with munitions from Glen Douglas.

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It would have meant anything up to a full day closure for vessels some 30 times a year, and a three-day closure when visited by these humungous new aircraft carriers which boast everything but, ahem, aircraft just at the moment.

Winningly, the MoD added that for security reasons there couldn’t be much advance notice, residents would require a special permit, and MoD polis would be on hand to stop the rest of us.

Happily Argyll and Bute Council couldn’t help noticing that this encroachment on to a public highway would entail a lengthy detour via Loch Lomondside.

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So it looks like we will be graciously permitted to drive along our own roads, just not to stop on them. Better hope the dug doesn’t need a pee, then.