For today's trip down Helensburgh's memory lane, we're travelling back in time 15 years to a funding boost for the organisers of Helensburgh's annual pipe band competition.

Here's how we reported the news in the Advertsiser on July 8, 2004...

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COUNCILLORS were in generous mood when they awarded organisers of a pipe band competition a £3,000 grant to help fund the event.

The financial request was for a retrospective contribution towards the cost of running this year’s pipe band competition.

Helensburgh Bi-Centenary Pipe Band Competition committee was hoping for a contribution of £3,236 towards the £6,936 cost of the project.

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Other funding is raised through sponsors, raffles and gate receipts.

Council officers recommended a leisure development grant of £2,000 which would help organisers meet financial commitments and remain solvent.

But members of Helensburgh and Lomond area committee increased the sum to £3,000.

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The reason for making a retrospective application for a grant was because the venue was changed to the Helensburgh pier car park.

The organisers of the piping and dancing event, members of the Rosneath and Clynder Highland Games Committee, had to apply for special permission from the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association (RSPBA) because competitions are normally held on grass, not ‘tarmac’.

This took several months and also delayed the organisers’ requests for the other permissions they needed.