FOR today's Archive Hour, we take a look back at a Helensburgh student's bright idea to save an energy firm almost half a million pounds...


A 19-year-old Helensburgh gap year student saved Dumbarton firm Aggreko £400,000 a year.

Alistair Morison saved his placement company, Aggreko manufacturing, a global leader in rental solutions for power and temperature control systems based in Dumbarton, up to £400,000 per year by making their power generator assembly line more efficient. And the innovation has won Alistair a place on the British final for The Year in Industry’s Contribution to the Business Awards.

The breakthrough came when Alistair spent his gap year working at Aggreko under the Year in Industry scheme.

He has beaten seven students to become the Scottish winner in the awards which showcase students’ exceptional achievement.

The overall manufacturing process was reduced by 21 hours – saving £672 per unit, leading to a forecasted average saving of £400,000 per year for the next three years.

Alistair went to Lomond School in Helensburgh.

Alex Hardie, plant and site maintenance co-ordinator at Aggreko said: “I have been extremely impressed with the high level of enthusiasm and commitment that Alistair has shown throughout his time here.

“Overall Alistair has blended in well and we would have no hesitation in bringing him back as a summer student placement or in the future under the Graduates for Business or the STEP programmes.”