THE Scottish National Blood Transfusion Service has announced the dates of its next visit to Helensburgh.

The SNBTS team will be taking donations at the Victoria Halls in Sinclair Street on Thursday, August 22 from 2-3.30pm and 5-7.30pm.

They'll be back the following day, at the same venue, from 10-11.30am and from 1-3pm.

If you want to donate before then and can't reach one of the service's full-time donation centres, you can visit the Community Education Centre in Main Street, Alexandria to donate from 2-3.30pm and 5-7.30pm on Thursday, August 1, and from 9.30-11.30am and 1-5pm on Friday, August 2.

An SNBTS spokesperson said: "Every minute of every day someone in Scotland receives blood as part of a life saving or life improving treatment.

"Less than four per cent of the population currently gives blood. The Scottish National Blood transfusion Service (SNBTS) must welcome 3500 blood donors each week to meet the needs of patients in Scotland.

"We aim to maintain a sixday supply of each blood group, at all times, to continue to meet hospital requirements.

"Whether you've never donated before, give blood regularly or haven't been for a while, SNBTS would like to invite you to your local blood donating session."

For more information visit or search for 'Give Blood for Scotland' on Facebook.

You can also follow @givebloodscot on Twitter.