Today''s trip down Helensburgh's memory lane sees us go back 10 years to the story of a former Hermitage Academy pupil who was given the chance to take part in the Special Olympics as a coach.

Here's how we covered the news as Jenifer Watson looked ahead to the event in the Advertiser on July 16, 2009...

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A FORMER Hermitage Academy pupil is heading to Leicester for the opportunity of a lifetime.

Jenifer Watson, 22, is travelling to England at the end of the month with a 14-strong group who will compete in the Special Olympics.

More than 2,700 athletes, 1,200 coaches and 1,500 volunteers will descend on Leicester for the event which celebrates the sporting achievements of those with disabilities, and 6,000 families are expected to join them.

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As part of the Olympic family, the top performing competitors will receive gold, silver and bronze status, the only difference being that they are categorised in their sport in terms of their disability and the time they perform their event in.

Jenifer - who will represent the Forth Valley area which includes Falkirk, Clackmananshire and Stirling areas - specialises in coaching swimming, but said there are many other activities on offer at the Olympics.

“They do all sorts of sports; there is basketball, gymnastics and bowling - you name it, they do it.”

The event runs from July 21 to August 1, and is being covered by ITV for their news channel.

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This is the first time Jenifer will have made the trip to take part in such an event, which happens every four years, and she is looking forward to it.

“It’s an honour to be asked to help out, I’m really thrilled to have this opportunity.

“It’s such a big deal for the athletes too, they’ve been training so hard for the last year; they had begun their training long before I joined them and have been practising weekly,” she added.