VOLUNTEERS working to refurbish Hermitage Park in Helensburgh say they are “taking further actions to minimise the risk” after a young girl was injured falling off a zip wire.

The Friends of Hermitage Park announced last weekend that health and safety officers have been out to assess the site following the accident and the ride will remain closed until further notice.

The child was left with deep cuts on her knee after falling off the zip wire onto the hard ground on Monday, July 15.

The youngster’s mum subsequently complained to Argyll and Bute Council and said it is crucial that changes are made to avoid a repeat incident.

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She said: “I contacted the council after my daughter’s injury and I praise them for how quickly they responded.

“Health and safety officers deemed the zip wire unsafe and they were right to do so.

“My daughter is having ongoing medical treatment for the wound so we are still uncertain what the outcome will be, but hopefully she will heal and be left with minimal scarring.

“As for the park, I only want to make it safe for all the children who play there as this could have been completely preventable had the right surface been in place.”

A statement from the Friends of Hermitage Park said: “We are sorry to hear there has been an accident and hope there are no serious injuries.

“We know how popular the zip wires are but please respect the closure until the investigation has taken place and any actions that need to be taken are completed.

“Health and safety officers are making recommendations for matting or the expensive soft pore rubbery surface so if people fall off it hurts less than grass or earth.

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“Until they have sent the formal recommendations and the work is carried out the zip wire remains closed.

“We would just like to add that the whole playpark was inspected and passed by the relevant play park health and safety inspectors before it opened a year ago.

“However, because there has been an accident and complaint we need to take further actions to minimise the risk.

“We are sorry the zip wires will be out of action until further notice.”