This week's Community Column is written by the Rev Christine Murdoch, Church of Scotland minister in Garelochhead, Rosneath and Craigrownie.

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Regular readers of the Advertiser will know I attended the Rosneath Highland Gathering on Sunday, July 14.

It was a glorious day – the sun was shining, the park was well drained and not a wellie or umbrella was in sight.

I am not sure how I came to be part of the parade, however, I do feel a little conspicuous that I am the only person not in highland dress.

I am also aware there are many, many people who have more right to be part of the parade than I.

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As soon as one Gathering is over, the committee are planning the next.

They work hard all year trying to raise almost £15,000 to cover the cost of the event.

The Gathering has been running for 40 years and Robert MacIntyre and Fred Garden have both served on the committee for those four decades.

It is not just the 10 person committee who work hard, there are another 25 helpers who regularly support the committee over the weekend to ensure those of us who turn up on the day have a good time.

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One volunteer had only flown home from the Middle East for a holiday with family less than 48 hours before he was called in to help out.

During the Gathering, you can enjoy various competitions such as solo piping, Highland dancing, the Highland Games Heavy Events, track and field races and cycling events.

The Rosneath competitions have an international reputation, attracting competitors from around the world.

There are also various stalls to browse and I enjoy my annual catch up with many friends and acquaintances I meet at the Gathering.

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What is at work in the Rosneath Highland Gathering is community effort.

However, I would put out a plea that more of the community come and support the work that goes into the games.

I can assure you of a great day out for all the family.