A KEY report outlining the reasons for the closure of a Helensburgh woodland is still awaited by its management committee – more than two months after it closed.

And at a meeting of the Duchess Wood local nature reserve committee this week, fears were expressed that the wood could remain closed to the public for as long as a further six months.

Argyll and Bute Council was slammed at Tuesday’s meeting for a lack of communication over the closure of the wood, which was announced in June.

It was revealed that the wood was closed after a recommendation by Edinburgh-based firm TD Tree and Land Services – which the Friends of Duchess Wood accused the council of treating as an instruction.

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Helensburgh Central Councillor Lorna Douglas, who chairs the committee, also revealed that even she has not seen the report which led to the closure of the wood to the public.

She said: “A lack of communication and information has led to a whole lot of things here. The very fact we have all been floundering for information is not making sense.

“Even as chair of the committee, and an elected member, I don’t have enough information to give to people who are asking me what is going on. I haven’t seen the report and I have made that known.”

Council technical officer Ailsa Cunningham said: “We are in a position that none of us around the table want to be in.

“We agreed for a survey to be undertaken and the results surprised us all.

“It highlighted a number of dangerous trees and the recommendation, by a qualified survey team, was that it should be closed to public access.”

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When asked why the report had not been circulated to the committee, she then said: “There are commercially sensitive facts and figures in it. It will have to go to a procurement exercise.”

Stewart Campbell, representing the Friends, remarked that the reason for the report not being seen was “complete nonsense”.

Mr Campbell said: “The council has treated community involvement and voluntary involvement with disdain. It is as if we know nothing.”

Mhairi Gardner, the council’s development officer, told the meeting that a contract for restoration work could be in place by mid-September.

Councillor Douglas then said: “My concern is getting these woods opened again, whether we end up going down other avenues, or if work can be done in stages.”

Mr Campbell then said: “I would predict with confidence that the woods will not be open for at least another six months.”

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Councillor Douglas replied: “These things do not happen quickly and once it starts getting into the legal aspect, it can be slow.

“That really concerns me.”

The committee agreed, after lengthy discussion, that it would request that a copy of the report by TD Trees be provided.

If it is received, a meeting will be arranged between key parties to decide on the way forward.