Our latest rummage in the Advertiser's archives has dug up this memorable tale from 15 years ago – of the 12 brave men from Arrochar who decided to bare (almost) all for charity.

Here's how we reported their exploits in the Advertiser on August 19, 2004...

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BARE buttocks and naked chainsawing are not what you normally expect to find in a village calendar.

But 12 brave men from Arrochar and Tarbet have stripped off to raise funds for their villages – and caused something of a sensation.

‘Boys Behaving Madly’ 2005 calendar went on sale less than two weeks ago but has already sold nearly 200 copies.

Inspired by the famous Women’s Institute calendar which was featured in the film Calendar Girls, the lads shed their clothes in Arrochar's fire station, where they were photographed by a local farmer.

Various items, including an axe, a chainsaw and a teddy bear, are strategically placed to protect their modesty.

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Arrochar and Tarbet Charity Funds chairwoman and organiser Melanie Tonks said the calendars have been a big hit.

“They have been selling like hotcakes, people were queuing up to see them at the gala day,” she said.

“Everybody thinks it’s a great idea.

“They’ve been sending them abroad to relatives and friends and buying them six at a time.”

The men have a variety of careers ranging from forestry commission workers to paramedics.

The youngest is 21 years old and the oldest is in his 50s, and even community council secretary Tom Jackson stepped up to be Mr July.

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Melanie said the idea initially started as a joke.

She said: “Last year I said to someone jokingly ‘I think we’ll do a guys calendar’ - somebody said that would be great and it just went from there.

“It was quite easy to get volunteers. We asked various people and a couple were dragged in off the street because someone didn’t turn up.

“It was just at the last minute that we told them they would be taking their clothes off.

“No ladies were allowed in, although quite a few had turned up.”

The calendars have raised more than £800 already which will go to various organisations in the area including Arrochar Mountain Rescue and Leukaemia Research.

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Despite the nudity, Melanie says the guys have had no regrets about doing the calendar.

“They’re all quite pleased with themselves,” she said.

“They did enjoy it, they had a good laugh in the fire station.

"They were game for a laugh so fair play to them."