Our latest stroll down Helensburgh's memory lane sees us stop off at a story we first published 15 years ago – about a Helensburgh woman who went from barely being able to walk to taking part in a 5K race in London, at the age of 65, after being diagnosed with coeliac disease.

Here's how we reported on the turnaround in Sally Lloyd-Jones' health in the Advertiser on September 2, 2004...

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FOUR years ago Sallie Lloyd-Jones’ health had deteriorated to the point where she could hardly walk.

Then, after a lifetime of poor health, she was finally diagnosed at the age of 61 as having coeliac’s disease - an allergy to products containing flour.

Far from being upset by this, Sallie was delighted.

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“Until I was diagnosed with coeliac’s disease I couldn’t walk,” said Sallie, 65, of East Clyde Street in Helensburgh.

“At last someone was able to tell me what was wrong with me and I knew I hadn’t been imagining it all my life.

“It prevents you from absorbing nutrients, which makes it very difficult to diagnose.

"I literally couldn’t run a single step at that point, I couldn’t jump an inch off the floor; my legs were completely weak and I thought I was going to end up in a wheelchair.”

To celebrate her breakthrough, Sallie, who used to be a nurse at the Vale of Leven Hospital, took up something she could never have contemplated before - running.

Now she’s about to undertake her biggest challenge of all by running the Flora 5km in London later this month to raise money for Coeliac UK.

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She said: “The year after I was diagnosed I was able to walk properly, the second year I could walk without pain, the third year after I could run the odd step and now the fourth year I am hoping to run my first full distance without stopping.”

Sallie has run three 5kms already and did the Britannic Asset Management Womens’ 10km in Glasgow in May.

“Life begins at 60 as far as I’m concerned,” she said: “I feel absolutely marvellous.

“I feel better than I ever have in my life and am confident I can do the 5km.”