HELENSBURGH may be set for a new multi-million pound swimming pool in the coming years, but the future of the town's waterfront had an altogether different outlook just 10 years ago...


MASTERPLAN or masterpiece? After years of debate and discussion, Helensburgh finally has a vision for the pierhead.

The future of the harbour car park, reclaimed from the sea more than 30 years ago and the subject of much debate since, has been crystallised into a masterplan, the legacy of the now defunct Helensburgh Partnership.

The plan, which it is hoped will be enshrined as supplementary planning guidance, offers a picture of a busy and prosperous area with a boutique hotel and new leisure facilities - possibly with a swimming pool, houses and shops as well as parking.

The masterplan was the result of extensive study and consultation carried out under the auspices of the Helensburgh Partnership and largely encompasses the “preferred option” selected by the 300 or so residents who attended a series of public consultation exercises towards the end of last year.

It is also the ‘swansong’ of the partnership, which was set up by Argyll and Bute Council and Scottish Enterprise to promote the economic development of Helensburgh.

The new masterplan endeavours to reconcile all sides of that debate and has been accepted by the powers that be as real guidance for the way forward and a potential harbinger of new prosperity for Helensburgh.