Pupils at Lomond School in Helensburgh celebrated their outstanding exam results last week as top performing pupils gained recognition for their achievements.

Silver academic colours were presented to pupils in the current Senior 5 year group who gained six or more National 5 As in the 2019 SQA examinations, and gold academic colours were awarded to current S6 pupils who gained four or more As at Higher.

Silver colours were awarded to Ewan Boswell, Kimberly Frahm, Helena Geoghan, Callum Gray, Amirah Hassan, Tavish Hicks, Charlotte Ingle, Alexander Mucklow, Emma O’Neill, Louis Page, Ross Perella, Olivia Perry, Guy Torbet and Benjamin Zvegintzov.

Gold colours were presented to Finn Burden, Cameron Conway, Peter Crowson, Luisaidh Henderson, Alexander Johnson, Dylan Krezdorn, Matthew Lambert, Rachel McAuley, Martin Milkov, James Morrison, Lucy Morrison, Nia Ralston, Isobel Roberts, Emily Shaw, Rory Sullivan, Michael Twaddle, Anna von Kaehne and Beñat Yañez.

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Principal Johanna Urquhart said: “The number of pupils receiving these awards reflects the hard work, by both pupils and staff, to ensure the very best quality passes possible and not just to settle for a pass.

“Across S4-6, 75 per cent of all pupils achieved A or B grades in every single one of their SQA examinations.

“Even in a non-selective school, with a policy of open presentation, pass rates at all levels were 90 per cent or above, all well above the national average.

“Significantly, the N5 pass rate at Lomond was 96 per cent - 18 per cent above the national average; and the Higher pass rate was 17 per cent higher than the national average.

“However, the quality of our passes is what sets us apart. Half of all Advanced Highers were achieved at A grade, with three quarters at A or B grade.

"Seventy-five per cent of S4 achieved all A-B grades in six or more N5 examinations with almost half achieving all at A grade and receiving silver academic colours.

"Of our S5 pupils studying five Highers, a third achieved all of these at A grade, with half of the cohort achieving the much-coveted gold academic colours.

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“To me, this shows the added value of Lomond School. In an increasingly competitive post-school world, it is the high quality of passes which give our pupils the cutting edge, and ensures they receive the very best offers from the very best institutions -with 96 per cent of last year’s sixth form moving on to their choice of destination.

“Yet although we are justifiably proud of our pupils’ academic attainment, this is only part of the story at Lomond School.

"Thanks to our new sixth form programme, our young people leave Lomond with more than just outstanding grades.

"They have practical skills, confidence, links to business, research skills and the determination to succeed whatever the odds.

“Our young people have a love of learning, a spirit of adventure, and are able to take risks and show resilience.

“The many leadership opportunities on offer help them to be resourceful and mature. These qualities, to me, define success just as much as examination grades.”