HELENSBURGH'S favourite feline has been found safe and well more than 14 miles from his home after going missing for four days last week.

George the cat was reunited with his owners Dennis and Elizabeth Royal on Saturday after failing to return from his daily wander around town on Tuesday evening.

The kind-natured kitty is regularly spotted strolling through the streets and often pops into local shops, even attempting to hitch a free ride on board public transport.

However, his latest adventure sparked widespread panic among his Facebook followers - more than 800 of them - as a social media appeal was launched to try and trace the pesky pet.

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He was eventually seen at Firkin Point, north of Luss, by a passer-by and picked up by fan Pauline McCallum who was more than happy to return him home.

The news was greeted with delight on social media, along with plenty of speculation.

Megann Connolly said: "It was me who found him, he's such a beautiful wee cat and I'm so so happy he's home. Thank god I posted on the Scotland from the roadside group. Social media is so powerful. I hope he is happy to be home."

Susan Castle commented: "Awwwwww that’s wonderful news! George you wee stinker you’ve had the whole town in uproar."

Elaine Graham wrote: "I think everyone should fund raise a GPS tracker for George as his adventures are certainly newsworthy and we can all collectively sigh with relief that we know where he is! So happy the wanderer was returned."

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Moyra Conner said: "Apparently the Aurora Borealis was out last night, and that’s one of the best places to see them! Maybe he was taking a look!"

David Witton joked: "George, you have obviously been having a Firkin good time, perhaps a trip back to St Joseph's for a bit of confessional may be appropriate."

Lorna Arroll posted: "GEORGE! What a rascal we're going to have to get you a bus pass if you keep going for trips. Yes a GPS tracker on his collar would put your mind at rest. Because there WILL be a next time. Wee monkey."

And June Hanley Macleod said: "Can a cat not go his holidays to the water for a couple of days without all this fuss lol?"