Today's story from the Advertiser's archives takes us back 15 years to our coverage of 2004's new primary one pupils at schools across Helensburgh and Lomond.

The intake that year included two sets of identical twin girls – one at Hermitage Primary in Helensburgh, the other at Garelochhead Primary.

Here's how we covered the story in the Advertiser on September 23, 2004...

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TEACHERS thought they were seeing double at the start of term in Hermitage and Garelochhead primary schools - for twin girls joined the P1 classes at both the local primaries.

Natalie and Hannah Norman started their schooldays at Hermitage, where there are two P1 classes.

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And Abby and Megan Smith joined the youngest pupils at Garelochhead Primary School.

Also lining up for our photographer were the P1 pupils at St Joseph’s Primary School in Helensburgh with Angela Campbell and Anna Stewart.

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