This week's Councillor Column is written by Helensburgh Central councillor, and Argyll and Bute depute leader, Gary Mulvaney.

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The council has started its consultation on next year’s budget.

Despite having made over £57 million savings in the last nine years, more is still required.

In short we need to deliver another £9 million of savings to balance this year’s budget.

Our officers have already identified some of the options and to be frank there are no easy, no pain choices. What matters is that we deliver a legally balanced budget and try and focus on what the public’s priorities are. I would encourage everyone to engage and tell us what matters most; what should be protected and what savings should be taken?

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The council were delighted to hear that the UK government have backed our rural growth deal with £50million cash investment confirmed from Westminster and Holyrood.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson initially flagged up the potential of a deal in a visit to Faslane early in his premiership.

Our officers have done a great job in building the case for this long-term transformative investment and the council and partners will now work to prioritise the individual projects.

None of these monies are available for normal day to day council spending. We welcome the investment nonetheless.

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I mentioned the concern around this crossing on the road to Hermitage Academy in my last column in August and the fact that it has been shut for months.

Having spoken to council officers on a couple of occasions, I am pleased to say that this crossing will definitely be fixed.

The current fixtures are beyond repair, so a whole new set of lights will be required, which need to be tendered – that is what is taking the time.

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Who would have thought three and a half years on, after a record 33 million people made a decision to which their elected representatives said they would respect the result either way, we are still not sure when we will leave the EU.

Mark Twain was maybe on to something when he commented that “if voting made any difference they wouldn’t allow it”.

Folk are wholeheartedly fed up with the political posturing and parliamentary shenanigans by our representatives and the intransigence of the EU.

In simple terms, you asked us; we told you; so sort it.