Our latest opinion column is written by West of Scotland Conservative MSP, and Helensburgh resident, Maurice Corry.

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Many people, myself included, are becoming fed up hearing about Brexit.

It has dragged on for three and a half years, and we are now on to our third Prime Minister since the referendum. Parliament is blocking securing a deal and forcing the continued uncertainty and division caused by this process.

Regardless of how people voted, we live in a democratic system that needs to be respected. Sadly, however, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the SNP all want to reverse the decision taken by the people of this country.

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I find this particularly ironic as far as the SNP is concerned. Had Scotland voted for independence in 2014, we would have left the EU, as Scotland isn’t a member state and doesn’t meet the criteria for membership.

The SNP likes referendums and then not respecting the outcomes. As parliamentarians, we must respect the instructions given by the people, or we are no longer a democracy. There is a deal on offer which respects the result of referendum, would see us leave in an orderly fashion, and would allow us to move on to the next stage – yet parliament continues to block a deal, raising the risk of no deal. There is a lot of fearmongering – to either attempt to create more division, to turn people against Brexit, or simply to damage the process in an attempt to overturn the result.

If the SNP thinks Brexit is bad, Scottish independence would be catastrophic. More people in Argyll and Bute voted for Brexit than voted for the SNP, so they certainly do not speak for everyone.

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Helensburgh is a great town with various business, private sector and public sector employment – HMNB Clyde, one of the biggest employers, being set to expand further.

The investment the UK Government puts into this area is huge, not just through direct employment but also through significant indirect benefits for Helensburgh and the surrounding area.

Our forces do a great amount of work throughout the world, keeping peace and assisting in times of natural disaster. It is this time of year especially in which we reflect on the great work they do, not just in the past, but also present.

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