Our latest story from the Advertiser's archives turns back the clock 15 years to our coverage of the official re-opening of the transformed Churchill Square area of Helensburgh.

Here's how we covered the news in the Advertiser on October 28, 2004...

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FROM ‘horrendous’ to ‘tremendous’, the transformation of an area of Helensburgh is complete.

The all new and improved Churchill Square was officially opened this week.

The culmination of £750,000 and over three months of work was celebrated during the event on Tuesday.

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HM Naval Base Clyde Commander, Commodore Carolyn Stait, said: “When I was first here seven years ago, this place was horrendous.

“Now, I am delighted to say that it is tremendous.

“It is just wonderful to see how the children are drawn towards this area now.

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“It is well designed, beautifully laid out and most importantly of all, safe.”

The square has been transformed from a car park into a new car park near to a play and seating area.

Commodore Carolyn Stait opened the improved square by unveiling a dedicatory plaque.