CHRISTMAS may be just around the corner but one local goose made a last-ditch effort to ensure it's not the table centrepiece on the big day.

Deborah Fleming, who runs Townhead Farm in Colgrain with husband John, got a fright on Sunday, October 27 when she realised one of the prized birds was on the loose.

After being led on the proverbial chase around the town by 18-month-old Anabelle, with the help of eagle-eyed residents, Deborah and John's son Findlay, 13, and even police officers, the winged wanderer was eventually traced to a nearby primary school.

It is not the first close call for the family as the same daring goose - which only started flying last year - has escaped before, landing in Churchill, Helensburgh on that occasion.

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Posting on Facebook after the day's drama, Deborah said: "So, this morning one of the six geese was missing. John and I searched the farm expecting to find a heap of feathers where Mr Fox had visited - but nothing.

"Late afternoon we were contacted by several local residents stating that a goose was in John Logie Baird Primary School playground, had we lost one?

"So Fin and I attended and found her at the doors of JLB and tried to catch her, only for her to fly a short distance and then make her way back to the doors again.

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"We were joined by Andrew Tennant and his son and again tried to round her up into a corner. Again she flew up but lost height and crash landed at the back of some very large bushes.

"Muggins here crawled in and lifted her out. She was unharmed but not appreciating our efforts.

"We were then joined by Police Scotland’s finest wildlife liaison officer who arrived too late to share his expertise in wild goose chases!"

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Deborah thanked Gillian Stilwell, Vicki Trigg, Andrew Tennant, and local police wildlife liaison officer Dave Armstrong for their assistance.

She added: "Findlay is happy to get involved in farm activities having grown up with it.

"It was all very funny but we're really glad that she is home now and not a fast food meal for the local fox.

"She is back with her family and had a lesson in geography from her mother.

"Ironically, as the goose flies, she was less than a quarter of a mile from our boundary."

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