A WOMAN who was almost four times over the legal alcohol limit set off on a dangerous, high-speed journey from Helensburgh – and didn’t stop until she reached Bowling.

Sandra Blair repeatedly hit another vehicle between Helensburgh and Arden after leaving the town on the A818 – and then struck a second vehicle as she continued along the A82 on September 27.

Blair, of Fullers Gate, Clydebank, pleaded guilty at Dumbarton Sheriff Court last week to driving dangerously and while over the legal alcohol limit on the A818, near Sinclair Street, Helensburgh, at excessive speed, repeatedly colliding with a vehicle and causing damage to it.

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The 40-year-old also admitted crashing into another vehicle on the A82 between Balloch and Bowling, causing it to be pushed into the path of an oncoming goods vehicle and forcing the driver to take evasive action to avoid a collision.

Blair continued to drive, even though the collisions had left the front-end of her own car badly damaged.

According to the charges to which Blair pleaded guilty on October 23, the open bonnet of her car covered her windscreen following the collisions, preventing her from having an unrestricted view of the road.

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She swerved about on the road and then finally came to a stop on a grass verge.

According to a breath sample given to police, Blair had 82microgrammes of alcohol in 100ml of breath – when the limit is just 22mcg.

Sheriff Frances McCartney deferred sentence for reports until November 22, and meantime banned Blair from driving.

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