PUPILS and parents at a Helensburgh primary school have given back to the community by donating to the local food bank.

The parent teacher council (PTC) at Colgrain Primary organised a film night on Friday, November 15, where young people were encouraged to bring along items of food before they enjoyed the fun.

Four tables' worth of supplies were collected on the night, including: 18 packets of tea, 18 boxes of cereal/porridge, eight boxes of cereal/oat bars, 17 packets of biscuits/crackers, nine cartons of UHT milk, 34 bags of rice and pasta, 33 jars of sauces, 36 tins of meat/fish/sausages, 29 tins of soup, 40 tins of beans/spaghetti, 47 packets of noodles/rice bag meals, 10 jars of peanut butter/chocolate spread, seven jars of coffee/hot chocolate, 76 tins of vegetables/tomatoes, 48 tins of fruit/custard, and much more.

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The donations will be split between the Helensburgh and Lomond Foodbank and the Preparation for Life youth hostel in Alexandria.

Lucy Wright, chair of the PTC, said: "We wanted to give the children in the school a treat; a fun night just to relax. But also we wanted them to understand how lucky they are and raise awareness for the food bank and the fantastic work they do.

"The parent forum are extremely supportive and we had more than 100 children attend, even children who didn’t attend still donated.

"Each year the food bank needs more and they support more families at this time of year, so it is incredibly important we all do our bit and we don’t just think about ourselves."

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