A 75-YEAR-OLD man was arrested after failing a roadside breath test when stopped by police in Helensburgh.

Officers received a report raising concern at the manner in which a Toyota RAV was being driven from the Co-op car park in the centre of the town towards an address in Redclyffe Gardens at around 3.40pm on December 19.

Police attended the scene and soon traced the vehicle to an address nearby.

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A 75-year-old man was identified as the driver of the vehicle and was arrested after failing a preliminary breath test at the scene.

He was taken to Clydebank police office for further tests which, according to police, confirmed that the level of alcohol in his system was above the legal limit.

He was later released and is due to appear at Dumbarton Sheriff Court in mid-January.

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Inspector Roddy MacNeill, Police Scotland’s senior officer in the Helensburgh and Lomond area, told the Advertiser: “Sadly Helensburgh officers are arresting drink drivers every week and we will continue to stop vehicles in the New Year.

“Please don’t drink and drive.”

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