HEAVY rain is being forecast for Helensburgh and the surrounding area this weekend as the Met Office issued a weather warning for large parts of Scotland.

The forecaster is urging the public to 'be aware' of likely persistent and heavy rain between 4am and 9pm on Saturday, January 11.

The Met Office's weather warning does not, as this article was published, extend as far as Helensburgh itself, but the warning zone does cover Loch Lomond, Stirlingshire and large areas of the west Highlands, meaning Helensburgh is unlikely to be entirely spared.

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The current forecast for Helensburgh says that rain is likely from around 6pm on Friday, turning heavy and persistent overnight and lasting until around 6pm on Saturday.

Southerly and south-westerly winds are also forecast to grow in strength on Friday night and Saturday morning, gusting to around 50mph by breakfast time on Saturday, though the winds should ease through the course of the day.

Separate warnings are in force for rain across the south of Scotland, and for strong winds in Lothian, the Borders and much of northern England for much of Saturday.

Keep an eye on the latest weather forecast for Helensburgh from the Met Office by clicking here.

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