This week's Councillor Column sees Lomond North independent George Freeman address the issue of electric car charging points in Argyll and Bute.

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Consultation on the council’s new Local Development Plan 2 is due to end this Thursday.

This is a consultation that the majority of people ignore as they do not think that it affects them.

Given the ongoing issues relating to the environment and global warming, even on the last day of the consultation, I believe that it is not too late to take action and that we can all do our bit to help.

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You’ll find the LDP2 consultation on the council’s website at

One of the issues that continues to be raised is the council’s policy on electric car charging points. Details on this issue can be found at pages 63 and 64 of the Written Statement for the proposed LDP2 on the council website, with the specific policy details contained on page 64.

The second bullet point in this policy states that “All new build houses with private off street parking to assess the potential for the capability/cable ducting to allow for the installation, where appropriate, of a minimum 7kw charger”.

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I do not believe that this is strong enough. Under the proposed policy, anyone building a new house, or new houses, could assess the potential for an electric car charging point, but then take no action, as this policy would not require one to be included.

I believe that the policy should require anyone building a new house or houses with private off street parking to include at least one 7kw charging point at each property.

Given government policies, and the way ahead, which will see diesel and petrol cars being phased out with a clear push for people to change to electric cars, I believe that it is essential that action is taken now to try and increase the number of electric car charging points.

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If you agree, I would encourage you to submit a comment on the draft LDP2 before Thursday, requesting that the policy on electric vehicle charging be amended so that developers are required to include at least one 7kw electric car charging point with all new build properties with private off street parking.

I believe that this part of Policy 34 on Electric Vehicle Charging should read: “All new build houses with private off street parking to include a minimum of one 7kw charger.”

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