TROUBLEMAKERS gathering in a Helensburgh housing unit are causing a resident so much misery that her grandchildren are too scared to visit her.

Housing chiefs in the town have vowed to assist with the crackdown on antisocial behaviour after reports of incidents in Maitland Court.

The resident, who asked not to be named, has claimed that around half a dozen minors are causing chaos at Maitland Court – including leaving dog mess in the close recently.

Foul smells are also being left along with rubbish, and Argyll Community Housing Association [ACHA] has promised to do what it can.

All social housing in the area formerly owned by Argyll and Bute Council has now been transferred to the control of ACHA.

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The resident said: “I came up the stairs with my grandson and there was excrement in the close. I couldn’t get a phone number to get somebody to clear it.

“The police were very helpful, but in the end it was the poor man from repairs who had to come and lift it, although it could not be cleaned.

“I have been here nearly three years and every day we have to put up with this. ACHA have said that they will take it up with somebody, but this was promised six months ago.

“I have spoken to two people who said they didn’t know about it, but I had mentioned it before. The police have said that they will step up their patrols here.

“The children who actually live here are great, but others are coming in from outside.

"They have tried to uplift my dog when I was out walking it. I would say there are about six or seven of them, aged 10-15, and most of them are girls.

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“It is a convenience for them, because if it is a wet day they can sit in out of the rain. You have to get up six flights of stairs to get to my flat and they have been almost at my front door, eating, drinking and leaving rubbish.

“There has been glass smashed – and it is quite an accomplishment to break it because it is that strong. When you try to speak to them you just get a whole lot of abuse.

“My grandkids are scared to come up the stairs to see me. I have COPD [chronic obstructive pulmonary disease] and after breathing in the air, I couldn’t eat. It was disgusting.

“Every time you come up or down the stairs, you have to go for breath because of the smell.”

A spokesperson for ACHA said: “The Association is aware of ongoing reports of anti-social behaviour at Maitland Court.

“We regularly inspect the common blocks and action is taken on any issues noted. We also liaise with Police Scotland and other agencies on an ongoing basis with regards to the issues that have arisen.

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“Maitland Court is a mixed tenure block. To try and alleviate some of the problems we carried out an informal consultation exercise with private owners in September 2019 regarding the possibility of having secure door entry systems installed at the block.

“However, at that point, the majority of private owners did not want us to take forward this proposal.

“We are currently consulting with all residents, both tenants and owners, with regards to the possibility of installing a cleaning service at their block. Staff will continue to regularly inspect the blocks and take action on any matters within our control.

“I would also urge all residents to continue to report any criminal activity or anti-social behaviour to Police Scotland.”

Councillor Iain S. Paterson, who is a member of ACHA’s board, added: “This behaviour is totally unacceptable and needs to be addressed as soon as possible, and anything I can do to facilitate that I will.”

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