HOW to entertain three girls aged 10, 13 and 15? Who you haven’t seen for a couple of years? About whose tastes in books, food and beverages you can only hazard a guess? And whose dad, who is bringing them, unhelpfully tells you only that they’ll eat anything, and “they’ll be fine”?

However, the hit of the day turned out to be our making a post-lunch playlist, with everybody getting two shouts. And here’s the thing, the youngest turns out to be a big time Queen fan. She’s 10 years out of date, scorned a big sister.

She’s not, though. There are some stars who appeal through the ages and the generations. Obvious ones like Elvis, Sinatra and the Beatles. And haunting ones like David Bowie.

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It’s four years this month since the glam rock star died, one of a raft of headliners to leave us in the same year as we lost George Michael, Leonard Cohen and Prince. (If I believed in heaven I’d have thought somebody up there had been looking to stage one hell of a concert.)

On Saturday, February 8 we’re having our own anniversary moment for Bowie, as Ziggy, “the ultimate David Bowie tribute act”, comes to Cove Burgh Hall.

Ziggy Stardust was just one of the exotic personae adopted by a man whose gender-bending fashions changed as often as his musical styles, but who produced some of the most memorable tracks in any of our lifetimes.

Incredibly, last year saw the 50th anniversary of Space Oddity, the album which made David Robert Jones a star.

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He would go on to all kinds of experimentation stylistically but that very unpredictability and his capacity for re-invention brought him over 100 million album sales worldwide.

Not bad for a boy from Brixton who wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life.

Next month’s tribute will cover all his familiar hits, but also give his glam rock era big licks, for anyone who can’t bear to hear Bowie without needing to boogie.

‘Ziggy’ will be at Cove Burgh Hall on February 8. Doors open at 7.30pm, with a cash bar and raffle. Tickets cost £10 from or on the door.