This week's Community Column is written by Norman Muir, convener of Helensburgh Community Council.

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On behalf of the Community Council, we wish everyone a happy and progressive year ahead.

More importantly we want to enlist your support in becoming more proactive in town affairs so that whatever developments occur in the town as the year unfolds, they are met with community involvement and approval.

You may be aware that the Community Council promotes youth interest in any way we can.

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Part of this is in making young people in Helensburgh aware of the many clubs and societies in the town which offer a wide variety of choice in sports and the arts to young and old alike.

We would like to organize a ‘Show and Tell’ event in Victoria Halls at which individual clubs and societies can come along and present your skills and abilities to encourage increased interest in and awareness of what you do to a wider audience and hopefully attract additional membership.

Naturally, it will depend on the response of organisations wishing to take part, whether it goes ahead. Please contact me on to take the matter further.

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To finish on a sobering thought an (admittedly unscientific) survey has found that Helensburgh, of all the major population centres in Argyll and Bute, is the most abusive and ill-mannered towards the area’s traffic wardens.

Remember, they have a job to do, and good manners cost nothing.

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