Many people grow up supposing opera is very definitely not for them.

I was one of them. But I was lucky enough to have a switch pulled for me by being taken to Scottish Opera in Glasgow with people who really loved it.

(Much later in life, I had the treat of hearing the Metropolitan Opera in New York and the great Placido Domingo.)

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Others have been drawn in by stations like Classic FM, which garnered millions of listeners by offering a more accessible style than the BBC’s Radio 3, which sometimes used to feel more like a seminar than a music station, though it’s changed markedly over the last few years.

However one of the most engaging ways of tuning into this art form is by going to hear the Scottish Opera Highlights tour, which does exactly what it says on the tin.

Four cracking young soloists and their accompanist give a recital of some of the most popular works in the operatic repertoire.

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I’ve seen them in action in various airts and pairts of Scotland over the years, including at Cove and, once, on Islay where the weather was appalling, but the Bowmore village hall was stowed out.

Sometimes the best audiences are where tours like this are a real and rare treat.

Find out for yourself this Saturday, February 15, if you’re anywhere near the Three Villages Hall in Arrochar, where the boys and girls are strutting their stuff at 7.30pm.

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