Our latest rummage in the Advertiser's archives has dug up a heart-warming story from 10 years ago, when we reported on a Helensburgh barber's charity drive.

Here's how we reported on Greg McCann's kind-hearted gesture on February 11, 2010...

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A BIG-HEARTED barber has raised £650 in one month for charity by donating just 50p for every customer through the door.

Greg McCann, who runs barber shops in West Princes Street and Sinclair Street, decided to begin the initiative in January and was shocked at how much cash was generated by the end of the month.

On the success of this, he has pledged to roll out the initiative over the year and keep a running total of how much is raised by his customers.

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For every adult haircut done at each of the shops in the Burgh, Greg donates 50 pence, and said the money soon adds up.

Cash raised through the scheme will be given to Support our Soldiers.

Greg said: “We estimate that this could create income for the charity to the tune of around £8,000 per year, which is fantastic.

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“Even in the last week we have raised another £160 which brings out total to over £800 in five weeks!

“It will help soldiers that have lost limbs in combat and we will continue to support them.

“We have had a terrific response; our customers have been very supportive and some people have just walked in off the street to donate and not even wanted a haircut.”

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Greg is in the early stages of planning a fundraising dance for the charity.

He is hoping local businesses will sponsor tables at the event. A table for 10 is estimated to cost £500.

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