A BRAVE young Helensburgh girl has decided to chop her locks for a charity which helps children with cancer.

Eleven-year-old Florence Clyde is raising money for the Little Princess Trust by growing, cutting and donating her hair so it can be made into a wig.

Ahead of her appointment at Partners Hair Salon in East Clyde Street on Saturday, February 29, the St Joseph’s Primary pupil told the Advertiser she is hoping to raise £550 to cover the cost of making a new wig.

Florence said: “I had seen other people do it and thought it was quite cool, I thought it would be a good thing to do.

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“The thought of losing so much hair is quite scary but it will be good to see it going to a good cause and to other people who have lost their hair through cancer.

“My friends think I am a bit crazy for doing it as I have always had long hair.”

Florence is aiming to grow her hair until it is around 14 inches long and she has already raised more than £300 for the trust.

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Dad Mark said: “She is certainly going to stand out once it’s cut.

“She is part of a gymnastics club and all of the members have their hair long, so she will be different.

“It is quite a step to take knowing you will be the odd one out.

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“We [Mark and wife Alicia] are very proud of Florence, especially when young girls these days are so hyper-conscious about their looks and about fitting in.

“She is turning her back on social media trends and she is not afraid to be different.

“She’s very brave and it’s a great cause.”

Visit justgiving.com/FlosHairRaiser to donate to the fund-raising effort.

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