AS yet more high winds and heavy rain approach Helensburgh, and many other parts of the UK, here we're looking back at the effects of 'Dennis the Menace' as the fourth severe storm of the winter struck the area.

The effects of Storm Dennis weren’t quite as noticeable as his predecessor, Storm Ciara – and again, Helensburgh escaped relatively lightly compared to some other parts of the country – but conditions along the seafront were certainly lively, particularly last Saturday, as high tides and large waves sent spray crashing on to the prom and East and West Clyde Street.

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Damage caused by Storm Ciara to Helensburgh’s Clock Tower was repaired by council personnel before Dennis arrived, and the fresh bout of strong winds resulted in no further damage.

ScotRail cancelled services between Dumbarton and Helensburgh Central between 3pm and 7pm on Saturday, with shuttle buses operating in place of trains.

High winds and heavy rain were expected to hit Helensburgh once again this Friday and Saturday – and with more strong winds forecast for Monday, and low temperatures and possible snow in the course of next week, it looks like there's no end in sight yet to the recent spell of unsettled weather.

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