It’s said that at any one time more than 90 per cent of the acting profession is “resting”.

As in, waiting for the phone to ring, or pulling pints in the pub to pay the rent.

Then there are those few exceptions to the rule. Like Bill Paterson, who seems never to have been off one screen or other, and whose voiceovers are much in demand, since he possesses a particularly reassuring brand of soft Scottish accent.

This fine talent also happens to be a seriously nice guy. There is no shortage of causes and institutions who have cause to be grateful to his generous donation of time and talent.

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Let me share one small anecdote.

In another life, I chair the Dewar Arts Awards, which were set up almost 20 years ago, in memory of Scotland’s first First Minister.

It gives awards to young Scottish talent in any art form who are exceptionally gifted, but don’t have the money to realise their potential.

At the 10 year mark we decided on a number of celebrations, including a showreel of films which had either starred one of our awardees, or been directed or written by one.

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The film studies unit at the Royal Conservatoire provided equipment and oversight, and one of our young graduates edited the clips into something we called the Ten Year Cut.

So far, so good. But we needed a really brilliant voiceover to link it all up.

Tentatively I ran it past Bill. Sure, he said. How much, I said. Well, said Mr Paterson, when I come up to Glasgow, you can buy me a decent cup of tea.

We made it lunch and, of course, he did an absolutely cracking job,

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Anyway, I am completely delighted to report that he is coming among us again.

On Sunday, March 1, he will be at Cove Burgh Hall for one of our Sunday lunchtime conversation sessions.

And there will be no shortage of work to chat about, given that his recent gigs encompass Shetland, Outlander, The Rebel and, of course, the huge hit Fleabag.

A tenner will buy you Bill’s best blethers, soup and sannies from 12.30pm.

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