PRIMARY school pupils from across Helensburgh and Lomond enjoyed a day of dance earlier this month as they prepare for the leap up to big school in the summer.

Around 250 P7 children took part in the annual LiveArgyll Active Schools event, held at the Victoria Halls in Helensburgh on Friday, March 6.

The programme, organised in partnership with the Burgh branch of the Royal Scottish Country Dance Society (RSCDS), offered youngsters the chance to meet peers from other schools before the transition to secondary school later this year and the move, for most, to Hermitage Academy.

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The event was held before coronavirus restrictions led to the closure of all the country's schools – and thus was one of the last opportunities for P7 pupils to meet up before 'social distancing' measure were introduced.

Martin Caldwell, Active Schools coordinator, told the Advertiser: “Each year the children seem to dance better and better as schools incorporate practice in the lead up to the event.

“Credit must also go to teaching staff from the local primary schools who work hard with the pupils during the term in order to learn and practice the programme of dances selected.

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“Helen Rodger and Irene Smith, and volunteers from RSCDS Helensburgh branch, were on hand to provide dance instructions and encourage the youngsters on to the floor - made easier this year as the children were keen to dance from the start.

“Members of the Helensburgh Branch came along either for the whole day or for one of the sessions to volunteer as stewards and ensure the day ran smoothly.

“Active Schools would like to say a big thank you to all the volunteers from Helensburgh branch of the RSCDS for giving their time and supporting the event and also to the school staff involved and pupils for conducting themselves so well on the day.

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“A huge thank you for the financial support received from RSCDS Helensburgh branch (arranged by Roy Bain) and also some much appreciated financial support from Babcock International.

"Without this support and all the organisational work by Live Argyll Active Schools and supporting volunteers these valuable opportunities for local children wouldn’t be possible.

“Although the day of dance requires much organising it is worth it to see so many young people enjoying themselves.”

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