This week's Community Column is written by Mary Fee, Labour MSP for the West of Scotland region.

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The spread of coronavirus is very much at the front of all our minds just now, and I hope you are safe and well when reading this.

My advice continues to be to listen to the medical and scientific experts and official guidance.

As someone with underlying health conditions, I understand that many will have concerns.

However, I repeat my advice to listen to medical professionals. Ignore the conspiracy theories and do not panic buy.

Do not visit your GP, pharmacy or the hospital if you are suffering any symptoms such as fever, cough, muscle pain or breathing difficulties. Instead, call NHS 24 on 111.

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From August this year, every three to five year old and some two-year-olds will be entitled to 1,140 hours of free early learning and childcare.

The plans by the Scottish Government have been troubled since they were announced, with major concerns around costs and ensuring councils are funded.

However, with only months to go before the scheme is rolled out, Audit Scotland has revealed that only half the staff required have been trained and recruited and just half the building work has been finished.

Increasing the free entitlement was always going to be a challenge. The SNP government has ignored the many warnings about the implementation from experts, providers and opposition parties.

A debate in the Scottish Parliament last week resulted in a defeat for the SNP, with the motion highlighting the concerns.

Scottish Labour’s amendment called for the living wage to be guaranteed to every childcare worker, as Audit Scotland highlighted issues around private providers paying staff the living wage.

I hope that by August, the much needed rollout will deliver for children and families, without any problems of the Scottish Government’s own making.

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I have been contacted by constituents to raise the awareness of sunflower lanyards.

These are lanyards with a green background and yellow sunflowers and are worn to let people know the person has a hidden disability.

I have seen them in use in some supermarkets and they are a great tool to support people with hidden disabilities. I am assessing how we can increase the use of the lanyards across the retail sector in the hope to make them more available.

If you are out in public or at the shops and see someone wearing a sunflower lanyard, remember the purpose and check if they need assistance or support.

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