THE Morrisons supermarket chain has confirmed it's bought the site of Waitrose's store in Helensburgh.

But the Bradford-based firm is keeping its plans for the Cardross Road site close to its chest after local MSP Jackie Baillie urged it to open for business "as soon as possible".

Waitrose will close for the last time on Sunday, May 3, and Ms Baillie has already written to Morrisons' senior management urging the firm to open up as quickly as it can thereafter, to ensure minimal disruption to food supplies during the 'lockdown' conditions enforced because of the coronavirus pandemic.

Ms Baillie and her fellow MSP, the Conservatives' Maurice Corry, both contacted the Advertiser on Friday, March 27, to say they had been told Morrisons had taken on the site.

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A spokesperson for Morrisons told the Advertiser: "We've purchased the Waitrose Helensburgh store and will share our proposals for the site once we have finalised our plans.”

Waitrose said earlier this week that it would not be acceding to requests from customers, business chiefs and politicians to delay the closure of the Helensburgh store in view of the pandemic.

Ms Baillie said: “It is now the responsibility of these two supermarket chains to work together to ensure that local residents are not left without easy access to essential products as this crisis continues to escalate.

“I have written to Morrison’s asking them to put the needs of vulnerable local people ahead of any pre-existing business plans that they may have.

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"I am not willing to sit on the side-lines and watch local residents be forgotten about during this uncertain time.”

Mr Corry added: "For the good of the community, I would very much hope that we can shorten that gap between Waitrose closing and the new store opening."

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